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                A unique and diverse collection of Asian & geological artefacts was legally secured via a KL High Court order in 2010 in lieu of large debts owed to our group from an US explorer. Our museum company, instead of selling off the artefacts to make a quick gain or recovery of money owed, decided to set up an INNOVATIVE & WORLD CLASS museum in KL. To start a world-class museum from scratch can cost more than USD500 million (mostly on building and purchasing artefacts), that is provided, there are even enough museum quality artefacts available to purchase. We have spent much time, effort and money to develop this project for the last 3 years or so to this stage, where all the main components of the project are ready, except for a suitable venue and some funds (from auction sale in Hong Kong on 7 June 2015) to kick start the project. Now here,Guangzhou Juyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd is Authorized as the only representative to collect artefacts in mainland China.



                得力於政府與當地組織的組織,亞洲文物博物館目前成立一個新項目:亞洲文物遺產博物館,面向全亞洲征集】一批文物收藏品。 廣州聚藝展覽服務有限公司 作為中國惟一征集單位,2015年12月12日馬來西亞文化部領導與博物館館長首■次親臨中國征集點(聚藝)征集。



                  • 入選要求:
                    With Asian countries (China) culture, history, collection research value, can reflect the cultural, political, and all aspects of life in a certain period of collection.

                    【中國書畫】:歷代名人字畫Ψ 精品,山水畫,人物畫,花鳥畫;書法,篆刻等
                    【中國陶瓷】:歷代陶瓷精品,元、明、清官窯為主,宋瓷為佳; 彩瓷,素瓷,青花瓷 等均可
                    【雜項精品】:歷代名家文房用品、錢幣、紫砂、田黃、瓷板畫、雞血石、角雕、牙雕、硯臺古籍 善本、金銀器等各種雜件